DIY Tribal Print Shorts

Revamping old clothes can be a great way to create edgy and one-of-a-kind looks. I combined two of my favorite summer trends, dip-dyeing and tribal prints, into one fabulous project! I turned a pair of boring denim shorts into a pair of super, stylin’, swell shorts!



  1. Pair of dip-dyed denim shorts
  2. Black fabric marker (or Sharpie marker)
  3. Ballpoint Pen
  4. Pencil
  5. Cardboard or Newspaper


On one side of the shorts trace out the tribal print pattern with pencil.


Tribal print pattern consist of many triangles, circles, and lines. Keep in mind that tiny, complicated patterns will be much harder to draw with a marker and will not look as appealing to the eye. Make your patterns bigger like the one pictured. Be creative! Follow the pattern that I have created if you wish. When done tracing the pattern with pencil, trace over it again in pen so that you can see the pattern more clearly.


Place a piece of cardboard or newspaper in the leg of the shorts (as pictured above) to prevent the shorts from getting unwanted marker stains. Carefully trace over the pattern using the marker. Take your time using the marker because if you make a major mistake here, there is NO going back. DRAW ON!


With <3,


P.S. Notice the studs on the left pocket for added flair…


Go Wild, Go Tribal Nails

Lo’ there bloggies! Tribal prints are everywhere these days and we thought we would make an attempt to do tribal print nails. WAHOO! Here is our take on this fierce pattern…RAWR!


Sooo…you’re probably wondering what we used for this funky fabulicious print! We used 1. Urban Outfitters Polish in Smush 2. Sally Hansen Blue Nail Art Pen in Navy 3. Sally Hansen Top Coat:


If you don’t have nail pens and aren’t planning on investing in them (they may not be worth it to you if you’re not a nail art junkie :)), then gel pens work fine as an alternative. Just make sure to let them dry REALLY well before applying top coat as otherwise they will smudge. Even if you have waited for them to dry, the best idea is to glop on top coat, then spread it over your nail since that way it’s less likely to smudge.

Wondering how we did it? Just three simple patterns: 1. lines 2. zig-zags 3. dots…really it’s that easy! Just keep your hand steady, breath, and GET CREATIVE! You can layer zig-zags and dots, stripes and zig-zags, etc. Most of the fun is creating your own new combinations!

With love (and zig-zags),