DIY Tribal Print Shorts

Revamping old clothes can be a great way to create edgy and one-of-a-kind looks. I combined two of my favorite summer trends, dip-dyeing and tribal prints, into one fabulous project! I turned a pair of boring denim shorts into a pair of super, stylin’, swell shorts!



  1. Pair of dip-dyed denim shorts
  2. Black fabric marker (or Sharpie marker)
  3. Ballpoint Pen
  4. Pencil
  5. Cardboard or Newspaper


On one side of the shorts trace out the tribal print pattern with pencil.


Tribal print pattern consist of many triangles, circles, and lines. Keep in mind that tiny, complicated patterns will be much harder to draw with a marker and will not look as appealing to the eye. Make your patterns bigger like the one pictured. Be creative! Follow the pattern that I have created if you wish. When done tracing the pattern with pencil, trace over it again in pen so that you can see the pattern more clearly.


Place a piece of cardboard or newspaper in the leg of the shorts (as pictured above) to prevent the shorts from getting unwanted marker stains. Carefully trace over the pattern using the marker. Take your time using the marker because if you make a major mistake here, there is NO going back. DRAW ON!


With <3,


P.S. Notice the studs on the left pocket for added flair…


Dip-Dye Ombre Shorts

Bloggers! Apologies for the long break between posts! Let’s take a poll shall we? Who doesn’t like to tie dye? …Exactly, NO ONE!

Back to the point…while walking through the local Urban Outfitters last week I spotted a gorgeous pair of dip-dyed shorts. The price tag: $50! but but but but…WHY!??? They were so simple looking almost as if I could make them…(lightbulb goes off) MYSELF! I ran to the nearest Forever 21 and got a pair of white denim shorts and picked up some RIT dye at the craft store. I was on my way to becoming the world’s newest dip dye expert!


  • Plastic Gloves (You don’t want blue hands, eh?)
  • Bucket
  • Mixing Stick or Clothes Hanger
  • Tablespoon
  • Sink
  • Hot water
  • RIT Liquid Dye (I used Royal Blue because I’m fancy like that)
  • White Denim Shorts (preferably a cotton/poly blend or 100% cotton)Image


  1. Fill your bucket with 1 gallon of hot water
  2. Put on your gloves on (snap! snap!)
  3. Pour two tablespoons of liquid dye into the water
  4. Mix the water and dye (I used a plastic clothes hanger as a mixer which is questionable…but hey at least it worked!)
  5. Dunk the shorts entirely in the dye mixture and soak for 15 seconds REFER TO DIAGRAM ABOVE
  6. Wring out extra dye from shorts and hang them up temporarilyImage
  7. Approximate and add half the bottle of liquid dye to the dye mixture (Don’t freak out it will not be perfect…but then again nothing’s perfect ;)
  8. Use your mixing device and make sure the dye is swirled into bucket
  9. Hold the hem of the shorts and dunk the shorts in until the end of the zipper hits the dye mixture and hold them there for 45 seconds (Don’t complain, just do it. Sing a song to pass the time along. Wait…did I just quote Mary Poppins?) REFER TO DIAGRAM ABOVE
  10. REPEAT STEP 6! Wring them out, and HANG THEM (That’s right… SEND THEM TO THE NOOSE!…just kidding)
  11. Now add the remaining liquid dye to the bucket and mix it in
  12. Hold the shorts by the hem and dip just the top of the shorts in (until the tip of the pockets hit the dye) and leave them in the dye for 5 minutes REFER TO DIAGRAM
  13. REPEAT STEP 6!
  14. Let the shorts sit (hang them by the hem like pictured above) for 5 minutes to let the dye set a little bit before you rinse them out under cold water until the water runs clear
  15. SMILE :) because you are now the proud owner of a spectacular pair of shorts!

I hope you have an un-dyeing adoration for your new shorts! Next time your friend is about to buy a pair of overpriced dip dye shorts just pull up this link and wag your finger at her/him.

Amount I could have potentially spent on Urban shorts: $50

Amount I spent on shorts and dye: $25

Amount I saved: $25 (cha-ching!)

How are YOU going to spend the money you saved by making these shorts? Decisions…decisions…

With love,


P.S. Stay posted for a dip-dyed button-up tutorial!

DIY Lip Scrub

Hey there bloggies!

Summer is getting really hot and dry around here, and I’m finding that I need something better than just lip balm to keep my lips healthy. So, I decided to make my own DIY lip scrub! :D

All you need for this DIY is three ingredients; it’s that simple! So, let’s get started!


1/4 teaspoon lip balm     1 packet raw/turbinado sugar     a few drops olive oil

I used Smith’s Rosebud Salve for the lip balm, but Vaseline or Aquaphor could work just as well. I love the Rosebud Salve though because it gives a pretty rosy color and smells great!

The sugar is your average packet from a coffee shop, but be sure it’s raw/turbinado sugar to get the coarse texture so that it’ll work for scrubbing at your lips!

Your choice of oil can vary; many beauty blogs choose coconut oil for their DIYs but olive oil is much more common and handy. In a pinch, you could also use canola  or vegetable oil. Just do whatever works for you!

All you have to do is mix the three ingredients into a paste. Then, apply a generous coat to your lips and rub it around as you would an exfoliating body scrub.

When you’re done, wipe or wash off the scrub. You may need to use a strong soap to get the goopiness of the lip balm off your fingers :)

Aaaaaand…..voila! Here are your new shiny lips! Make sure to apply a coat of lip balm to seal off your hard work! I recommend using this scrub every few weeks to maintain healthy lips. Bonus: It works just as well during the summer as during the dry, cold winter! Just make sure to store extra in an airtight container to prevent ants (yuck!)…

With love,


Studs and Duds DIYs

I got a pair of plain black Keds a little while ago and I felt like they were kinda boring…there was something missing. I came up with a fantastic plan to make my simple shoes unique, daring, and rebellious. One word: studs ;)

I ordered a package of triangular studs on Etsy (the jackpot for all things crafty and fun). Here is the link to the studs I purchased. They came in a package like this:


 Now I will explain the anatomy of a triangular stud. Each stud has three prongs…that’s about as much as you will need to know. The prongs are pushed through the fabric of the soon-to-be studded item and are folded down. You may use pliers or fingernails to push the prongs down like so:

I found that using pliers was a little tricky but worked fine. On the other hand, using fingernails was easier for me but later I regretted it when I found that the tip of my finger had been rubbed raw and the tip of my nail was uneven. If you do choose to use your nails, make sure you schedule your manicure AFTER this project is done.
I decided to have the studs follow the top seam of my shoes and the end result looked like this:
An old pair of Converse or Vans would be the perfect subjects for this project! I also purchased some gold pyramid studs which I applied to other articles of clothing:


And just like that a pair of boring shoes/backpack/shorts comes to life!
With lovveee,