Nail Art: Contrasting Colors, Shapes, and Textures

Hiya bloggies!

For our third nails tutorial, I decided to make things super easy. In addition to being easy, this tutorial is also really versatile, making it perfect for everyone, no matter what your preference!


To give some basic information, the design above is based on the simple idea of contrasting opposite or nearly opposite colors on the color wheel to get a nice pop on your nails. However, I took it one step further by not only using contrasting colors, but also adding different textures of polishes (matte and glitter) as well as some interesting shapes.

Here’s what you’ll need: two contrasting colors of nail polish (I used a matte deep blue from L.A. Colors and a glittery gold from Milani, both procured at my local drugstore), a couple of Q-tips, and, in my case, some nail polish remover.

ImageTo start, I just painted two coats of the blue matte polish onto all of my nails. As always, make sure to let the first coat dry before painting on the second. Depending on how opaque your polish is, you may want to do more than two coats.


After, I took out my Q-tips and painted some gold polish onto the end of the Q-tip.


Then, using the Q-tip, I just dabbed the polish onto each nail in an inverted triangle shape. If I did too much gold, I just added some blue over it until I got the look I wanted. See the picture below!


As you can see, my painting is kind of messy, but it didn’t matter because afterwards I just took another Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and dabbed at the messy paint parts until they disappeared! :)

Hope you enjoyed this new post, and remember that you can and should take this idea and make it your own with your own polishes!

Much love,



Glitter and Heart Nails

Hey bloggies! Aren’t these nails cute?

It’s super simple! First you’re going to need a nice red polish, a glittery base (we used one from Forever 21 but you could also use just clear polish and craft glitter if you want), and a clear coat (we used Sally Hansen).

Practice drawing the hearts. We pooled some red polish onto a piece of paper and then used a homemade dotter (a pushpin stuck into a pencil’s eraser) almost as if it was a paintbrush to draw hearts. Alternatively, you could use a real dotter (overpriced!) and make two little dots, and then smear them into a heart using a toothpick. Using either one of these techniques, practice drawing hearts before you start painting your nails!

Okay, now let’s start polishing! Give yourself a few thick coats of the glitter polish (or clear polish and a sprinkle of glitter) on each finger, letting each dry in between. Add a coat of clear coat over each glittered nail so the red polish can adhere better. After it’s dried, draw on the hearts using the earlier technique, let them dry, and then another coat of topcoat. You’re good to go!

Congrats! You now have super cute nails that will be super durable during the summer because the numerous coats of glitter won’t chip as easily as normal polish.  Plus if it’s not perfectly smooth, you can’t tell because IT’S GLITTER! Enjoy!

With love,


Go Wild, Go Tribal Nails

Lo’ there bloggies! Tribal prints are everywhere these days and we thought we would make an attempt to do tribal print nails. WAHOO! Here is our take on this fierce pattern…RAWR!


Sooo…you’re probably wondering what we used for this funky fabulicious print! We used 1. Urban Outfitters Polish in Smush 2. Sally Hansen Blue Nail Art Pen in Navy 3. Sally Hansen Top Coat:


If you don’t have nail pens and aren’t planning on investing in them (they may not be worth it to you if you’re not a nail art junkie :)), then gel pens work fine as an alternative. Just make sure to let them dry REALLY well before applying top coat as otherwise they will smudge. Even if you have waited for them to dry, the best idea is to glop on top coat, then spread it over your nail since that way it’s less likely to smudge.

Wondering how we did it? Just three simple patterns: 1. lines 2. zig-zags 3. dots…really it’s that easy! Just keep your hand steady, breath, and GET CREATIVE! You can layer zig-zags and dots, stripes and zig-zags, etc. Most of the fun is creating your own new combinations!

With love (and zig-zags),