Nail Art: Contrasting Colors, Shapes, and Textures

Hiya bloggies!

For our third nails tutorial, I decided to make things super easy. In addition to being easy, this tutorial is also really versatile, making it perfect for everyone, no matter what your preference!


To give some basic information, the design above is based on the simple idea of contrasting opposite or nearly opposite colors on the color wheel to get a nice pop on your nails. However, I took it one step further by not only using contrasting colors, but also adding different textures of polishes (matte and glitter) as well as some interesting shapes.

Here’s what you’ll need: two contrasting colors of nail polish (I used a matte deep blue from L.A. Colors and a glittery gold from Milani, both procured at my local drugstore), a couple of Q-tips, and, in my case, some nail polish remover.

ImageTo start, I just painted two coats of the blue matte polish onto all of my nails. As always, make sure to let the first coat dry before painting on the second. Depending on how opaque your polish is, you may want to do more than two coats.


After, I took out my Q-tips and painted some gold polish onto the end of the Q-tip.


Then, using the Q-tip, I just dabbed the polish onto each nail in an inverted triangle shape. If I did too much gold, I just added some blue over it until I got the look I wanted. See the picture below!


As you can see, my painting is kind of messy, but it didn’t matter because afterwards I just took another Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and dabbed at the messy paint parts until they disappeared! :)

Hope you enjoyed this new post, and remember that you can and should take this idea and make it your own with your own polishes!

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DIY Greek Patterned Headband

Hi bloggies! So as we walked through B.P. Nordstroms last week We noticed all of the stylish headbands at the accessories table. We tried a few on and realized that we could easily make them! We took a trip to my local craft store, did some experimenting, and (tadaaa!) found the perfect recipe for the ultimate headband!

We fell in love with this bold ribbon at Joann’s crafts store!

There are 4 essential items to make a headband:


Lower Left: 3/8 inch BRAIDED ELASTIC Lower Right: 1 inch BRAIDED BLACK RIBBON

SETUP: Make sure the glue gun is plugged in (we forget to do this a lot). Cut two 2 1/2 inch pieces of the black ribbon. Cut as much patterned ribbon as you need (Remember to cut the patterned ribbon approx. 3 inch shorter than the length around your head because you will need to add in the elastic later). Measure and cut the elastic needed for your headband, adding 1 inch to your elastic measurement. You might want to clip or pin the elastic to the patterned ribbon and try it on so that you can adjust if it is too tight or loose. Also use a lighter to heat seal the edges of the ribbon so it does not fray. Now that you have all of the necessary materials cut we shall put together the headband!


Shown above are the steps to attach the elastic to the patterned ribbon. Just glue the 1/2 inch end of the elastic to the ribbon and wrap the black ribbon around it. Repeat with the other side. When you are finished with these steps the back of your headband should look like the bottom left picture. Hope this tutorial wasn’t too confusing! If you need any clarification just place a note for us at the bottom of the screen! We will try to answer as soon as possibly possible!

With love,