Glitter and Heart Nails

Hey bloggies! Aren’t these nails cute?

It’s super simple! First you’re going to need a nice red polish, a glittery base (we used one from Forever 21 but you could also use just clear polish and craft glitter if you want), and a clear coat (we used Sally Hansen).

Practice drawing the hearts. We pooled some red polish onto a piece of paper and then used a homemade dotter (a pushpin stuck into a pencil’s eraser) almost as if it was a paintbrush to draw hearts. Alternatively, you could use a real dotter (overpriced!) and make two little dots, and then smear them into a heart using a toothpick. Using either one of these techniques, practice drawing hearts before you start painting your nails!

Okay, now let’s start polishing! Give yourself a few thick coats of the glitter polish (or clear polish and a sprinkle of glitter) on each finger, letting each dry in between. Add a coat of clear coat over each glittered nail so the red polish can adhere better. After it’s dried, draw on the hearts using the earlier technique, let them dry, and then another coat of topcoat. You’re good to go!

Congrats! You now have super cute nails that will be super durable during the summer because the numerous coats of glitter won’t chip as easily as normal polish. ┬áPlus if it’s not perfectly smooth, you can’t tell because IT’S GLITTER! Enjoy!

With love,