Studs and Duds DIYs

I got a pair of plain black Keds a little while ago and I felt like they were kinda boring…there was something missing. I came up with a fantastic plan to make my simple shoes unique, daring, and rebellious. One word: studs ;)

I ordered a package of triangular studs on Etsy (the jackpot for all things crafty and fun). Here is the link to the studs I purchased. They came in a package like this:


┬áNow I will explain the anatomy of a triangular stud. Each stud has three prongs…that’s about as much as you will need to know. The prongs are pushed through the fabric of the soon-to-be studded item and are folded down. You may use pliers or fingernails to push the prongs down like so:

I found that using pliers was a little tricky but worked fine. On the other hand, using fingernails was easier for me but later I regretted it when I found that the tip of my finger had been rubbed raw and the tip of my nail was uneven. If you do choose to use your nails, make sure you schedule your manicure AFTER this project is done.
I decided to have the studs follow the top seam of my shoes and the end result looked like this:
An old pair of Converse or Vans would be the perfect subjects for this project! I also purchased some gold pyramid studs which I applied to other articles of clothing:


And just like that a pair of boring shoes/backpack/shorts comes to life!
With lovveee,