Studs and Duds DIYs

I got a pair of plain black Keds a little while ago and I felt like they were kinda boring…there was something missing. I came up with a fantastic plan to make my simple shoes unique, daring, and rebellious. One word: studs ;)

I ordered a package of triangular studs on Etsy (the jackpot for all things crafty and fun). Here is the link to the studs I purchased. They came in a package like this:


 Now I will explain the anatomy of a triangular stud. Each stud has three prongs…that’s about as much as you will need to know. The prongs are pushed through the fabric of the soon-to-be studded item and are folded down. You may use pliers or fingernails to push the prongs down like so:

I found that using pliers was a little tricky but worked fine. On the other hand, using fingernails was easier for me but later I regretted it when I found that the tip of my finger had been rubbed raw and the tip of my nail was uneven. If you do choose to use your nails, make sure you schedule your manicure AFTER this project is done.
I decided to have the studs follow the top seam of my shoes and the end result looked like this:
An old pair of Converse or Vans would be the perfect subjects for this project! I also purchased some gold pyramid studs which I applied to other articles of clothing:


And just like that a pair of boring shoes/backpack/shorts comes to life!
With lovveee,

DIY Greek Patterned Headband

Hi bloggies! So as we walked through B.P. Nordstroms last week We noticed all of the stylish headbands at the accessories table. We tried a few on and realized that we could easily make them! We took a trip to my local craft store, did some experimenting, and (tadaaa!) found the perfect recipe for the ultimate headband!

We fell in love with this bold ribbon at Joann’s crafts store!

There are 4 essential items to make a headband:


Lower Left: 3/8 inch BRAIDED ELASTIC Lower Right: 1 inch BRAIDED BLACK RIBBON

SETUP: Make sure the glue gun is plugged in (we forget to do this a lot). Cut two 2 1/2 inch pieces of the black ribbon. Cut as much patterned ribbon as you need (Remember to cut the patterned ribbon approx. 3 inch shorter than the length around your head because you will need to add in the elastic later). Measure and cut the elastic needed for your headband, adding 1 inch to your elastic measurement. You might want to clip or pin the elastic to the patterned ribbon and try it on so that you can adjust if it is too tight or loose. Also use a lighter to heat seal the edges of the ribbon so it does not fray. Now that you have all of the necessary materials cut we shall put together the headband!


Shown above are the steps to attach the elastic to the patterned ribbon. Just glue the 1/2 inch end of the elastic to the ribbon and wrap the black ribbon around it. Repeat with the other side. When you are finished with these steps the back of your headband should look like the bottom left picture. Hope this tutorial wasn’t too confusing! If you need any clarification just place a note for us at the bottom of the screen! We will try to answer as soon as possibly possible!

With love,


Trio of Cupcakes

Sup bloggies? How’s your week been?

Our week has been FULL of cupcakes :) We made three kinds: chai, vanilla + chocolate swirl, and mexican chocolate!

The recipe for the chai cupcakes (including frosting) can be found here.

The cupcakes right after they came out of the oven. They look absolutely perfect!

This picture isn’t that great but the cupcakes themselves turned out amazing! We think it’s safe to say that in terms of cake, these were the best we’ve ever had because of their subtle sweetness but extreme moistness and perfect texture. We decided to sprinkle the chai spice onto the cupcake rather than mixing it directly into the frosting as the recipe said, but then the cupcakes turned out to need a bit more chai flavor. In any event, we recommend experimenting with the frosting (it never hurts to try it!) until you find the level of spice you like.

The recipe for the vanilla + chocolate swirl cupcakes (also including frosting) can be found here.

The cupcakes before they were baked. We couldn’t decide which cupcake wrappers to use, so we decided to use a little bit of every one!

The cupcakes after they came out of the oven swirled. Mmmmmm!

We decided not to put chocolate on all the cupcakes, but we think you’ll agree that they’re beautiful either way!

The recipe for the mexican chocolate cupcakes can be found here. We tweaked the frosting ourselves, so the recipe is posted below.

The cupcakes after they came out of the oven. These cupcakes were super easy to make and didn’t require butter. Don’t worry if the batter seems thinner than a typical cupcake batter. They still turned out fabulous!

The scrumptious cupcakes before they got sprinkled. Between the pretty white pearls, the spice of the cinnamon with the chocolate, and the smooth moistness of the cake, we’d say these cupcakes are absolutely divine. Look below to find our recipe for the frosting.

Mexican Chocolate Frosting

based on the recipe at Eat, Run, Read

makes enough for 10 cupcakes (half the chocolate cupcake recipe)

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened

2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

3 cups powdered sugar

2 tablespoons milk

1/4 cup semisweet chocolate, melted

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Beat softened butter, cocoa, and cinnamon until smooth. Add powdered sugar and milk alternately. Then, add the melted chocolate and vanilla for extra flavor/more color. Voila! Amazing mexican chocolate frosting!

FYI: We know this isn’t exactly comforting to know, but we were mostly eyeballing and adding to taste for this recipe, so it may not be perfect. Use your inner culinary genius to get it perfect for your tastebuds! We thought it was better with extra cinnamon but play around to fit your own personal taste.

With love,


Glitter and Heart Nails

Hey bloggies! Aren’t these nails cute?

It’s super simple! First you’re going to need a nice red polish, a glittery base (we used one from Forever 21 but you could also use just clear polish and craft glitter if you want), and a clear coat (we used Sally Hansen).

Practice drawing the hearts. We pooled some red polish onto a piece of paper and then used a homemade dotter (a pushpin stuck into a pencil’s eraser) almost as if it was a paintbrush to draw hearts. Alternatively, you could use a real dotter (overpriced!) and make two little dots, and then smear them into a heart using a toothpick. Using either one of these techniques, practice drawing hearts before you start painting your nails!

Okay, now let’s start polishing! Give yourself a few thick coats of the glitter polish (or clear polish and a sprinkle of glitter) on each finger, letting each dry in between. Add a coat of clear coat over each glittered nail so the red polish can adhere better. After it’s dried, draw on the hearts using the earlier technique, let them dry, and then another coat of topcoat. You’re good to go!

Congrats! You now have super cute nails that will be super durable during the summer because the numerous coats of glitter won’t chip as easily as normal polish.  Plus if it’s not perfectly smooth, you can’t tell because IT’S GLITTER! Enjoy!

With love,


Go Wild, Go Tribal Nails

Lo’ there bloggies! Tribal prints are everywhere these days and we thought we would make an attempt to do tribal print nails. WAHOO! Here is our take on this fierce pattern…RAWR!


Sooo…you’re probably wondering what we used for this funky fabulicious print! We used 1. Urban Outfitters Polish in Smush 2. Sally Hansen Blue Nail Art Pen in Navy 3. Sally Hansen Top Coat:


If you don’t have nail pens and aren’t planning on investing in them (they may not be worth it to you if you’re not a nail art junkie :)), then gel pens work fine as an alternative. Just make sure to let them dry REALLY well before applying top coat as otherwise they will smudge. Even if you have waited for them to dry, the best idea is to glop on top coat, then spread it over your nail since that way it’s less likely to smudge.

Wondering how we did it? Just three simple patterns: 1. lines 2. zig-zags 3. dots…really it’s that easy! Just keep your hand steady, breath, and GET CREATIVE! You can layer zig-zags and dots, stripes and zig-zags, etc. Most of the fun is creating your own new combinations!

With love (and zig-zags),