Costa Rica-Inspired Batidos

Salutations bloggies!

We just got back from a great vacation in Costa Rica and among all the amazing things we saw and experienced, one of the greatest was the food! This will hopefully be one of the many Costa Rican-inspired food posts to come.


Don’t those drinks look delicious? They’re called batidos which I’ve come to understand means something along the lines of smoothie in English. In the disgustingly humid weather of Costa Rica, where taking a step is like pushing through a pile of wet towels, a batido, a yummy and refreshing combination of tropical fruit, milk, and ice is the perfect thing no matter what country you’re in. With all the heat this summer is bringing, this simple yet delicious batido recipe is bound to make your tastebuds tingle and cool you off. Let’s get started!

Let’s start off with some ingredients! I decided to make a blackberry batido because that was the flavor I enjoyed the most in Costa Rica. In thinking about the ingredients, I realized using fresh blackberries, while more flavorful and healthy, would make things extremely difficult because of their seeds. In the end, I decided to use a smoother substitute: blackberry jam. I know what you’re thinking. Blackberry jam seems cheap, overly sweet, full of artificial flavors. However, not all jam has to be like that, and mine certainly wasn’t. Here’s the recipe:

1/2 cup of non-fat milk

1/2 cup of vanilla ice-cream

2 heaping tablespoons of blackberry jam (or some other jam or concentrate would work equally well for different flavors)

2 ice cubes


As you can see the ingredients are extremely simple and easy to buy. All you have to do after that is throw it all in a blender and let it go until smooth.


Be warned that this is not a thick smoothie, but more of a creamy, fruity juice, or in other words, a batido.




Mmmmm, so delicious. As mentioned above, feel free to use other jams or frozen concentrates to vary your flavors. Hope you’ve enjoyed this super easy but super delicious recipe. Keep an eye out for more Costa Rica-themed posts!

With love,