Quick DIY Beribboned Sweater

Hey bloggies!

Today I have a quick DIY for you to do on the run or as you’re getting dressed in the morning! It’s simple and quick but has major style impact and can take a boring sweater from blah to ‘ahhh!’

It’s a simple but classy ribbon bow at the cuff of your sweater sleeve!

All you need are:

Thin ribbons of any color

A needle with an eye large enough to thread the ribbon

An open knit or crochet sweater

Open knits are perfect for cool summer days: not revealing but still keep you from overheating. They’re great especially if you live in foggy San Francisco!

Here are some sweater ideas (I used the H&M one):

If you’re hesitant about trying a DIY on your prized open knit sweater (especially if you have one costing upwards of $100 :o), don’t worry; using an open knit/crochet sweater makes this DIY perfect since you can remove the ribbons at any time!

Simply thread the ribbon through the needle, roll up the sleeves of the sweater, then pull the ribbon though your sweater right at the point where the rolled-up part ends and the upper sleeve begins. Pull the other end of the ribbon around from under the cuff, then tie a bow. Voila!

More ideas:

Attach a ribbon bow to the top of the pocket of the sweater (if it has one) kind of like this

Tie a bow from ribbon threaded through the collar area of the sweater like this

And that’s all there is to it! I prefer my crochet/open weave sweaters in cream, white, or neutral colors but you can do any color combo! My favorites: cream sweater with black ribbon, forest green sweater with navy ribbon, dark grey sweater with periwinkle ribbon, tan sweater with neon coral ribbon….

I hope you found this tutorial easy and useful! It can be done even while wearing the sweater and so can be a quick addition to your morning routine :)

Much love,



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